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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy 

These are the five things you need to know before you buy a business telephone system?


Will the Telephone system grow with my business?

It makes more sense to purchase a system that will grow with your business rather than a small telephone system that you'll quickly outgrow and need to replace in a year or two.


Plan ahead for all the features you may need?

Having a clear understanding of the features your employees may require will help you to make the correct decision. Do you require any of the following:-


* Auto Attendant (Thank you for calling XYZ Ltd please dial 1 for sales, 2 for accounts)

* Group and personal voice mail 

* Direct dial numbers

* Music on Hold or greeting on hold with a professionally recorded message telling callers what products and services you offer

* Call Recording (all calls or ad hock)

* Call Forwarding

* Ring or Hunt Groups.


Take your time and think about how you would like the phone system to work for you. Don’t ask for a quote for a phone system that is equipped with all the latest technology when all you need is a basic telephone system.


What type of lines do I require?

Analogue: Straightforward lines for a small business. Single numbers or multiple lines on the same number. You only have to publish one number, but can receive several calls at the same time


ISDN2e: A single ISDN2e line will give you 2 channels enabling you to make or receive 2 calls. You can have DDI numbers; this will give each member of staff or department their own direct dial number taking pressure off your receptionist.


ISDN30: Starts with 8 channels and can be easily expanded up to 30 without your line provider having to visit your office.


Sip trunks: Your calls are routed over the internet, can have quality of service problems


How many lines do I require?

Think about how many people need to be on the phone at the same time. For example if you have 3 analogue lines and 6 employees and 1 is making a call then you can only receive 2 incoming calls. If you are a sales company you may require all 6 people on the phone at the same time, in this case you will require 6 lines on the system, but if you only make and receive a few calls a day you could have only 2 lines connected and save money by purchasing a phone system with a smaller capacity.


You can always add lines at a later date providing that the phone system has room for expansion.


What type of handsets do I require?

Digital phones will enable you to use all of the phone system features and will show the status of your lines etc.


Analogue phones are cheaper but have basic features. Great if all you want is to make and receive calls.


IP phones offer the same features as digital and run over your data network


DECT (cordless) phones will give you freedom to move around your office. If a large site needs total coverage you can install cell stations and roam between them.

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