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Structured Cabling

Modern structured cabling systems are made up of central cabinets on each floor housing patch panels, network switches and telephone system links. The patch panels are directly connected to floor or wall outlets capable of delivering either a voice or data signal to the desktop, as required.

The individual floor cabinets are then linked via either copper or fibre-optic backbone cables to the network fileservers and telephone system to create an integrated data and voice network.

Additional signal types such as CCTV, public address, video and audio can also be carried across the same structure.

Office re-locations and expansions are therefore greatly simplified by the ability to patch any required services to any nearby available network outlet.

Data Cabling Types
Enhanced Category 5 (Cat5e), Category 6 (Cat6) and Category 6a (Cat6a)

We specialise in the installation of structured Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a data cabling. These three data cable types form the basis of all current structured cabling standards.

Our installations range from a single additional network outlet to a complete structured system of 1000+ outlets.

Cat5e is a specification designed for data networks to support very high-speed data transmission, such as Gigabit Ethernet, at a bandwidth of 100Mhz. This system is suitable for general business applications.

Cat6 is a specification designed for use in next generation data communications networks, and will comfortably support all present applications including Gigabit Ethernet up to 250Mhz. This system is suitable for high bandwidth applications, which require an increased data throughput. 

Cat6a delivers speeds of up to 10GB and is ideally suited for use in backbone links and server room applications to minimise bandwidth congestion.

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